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McAfee Antivirus is completely based on advanced technology that provides cloud-based antivirus service that protects your PC, tablet, and Smartphone from any external data and viruses like malware, worms, Trojan horses and viruses, and any other security threats. It is new generation antivirus software that protects you from external threats and provides security services.

Let’s Understand The Protection Features Of McAfee Antivirus:

Protection Your Device From Spyware And Viruses:

Scans your system quickly and eliminates viruses and spyware. In real-time scanning, it scans your files, programs, and emails from time to time. And the main advantage is that it determines the process of scanning that scans your system completely from time to time.

Protect Web Brower And Email Protection:

It protects your device from hackers who can hack your personal information from your system. This works well due to personal firewall protection. It directly removes the junk email and phishing attacks emails from the system. It protects your browser for safe Internet surfing.

Data Protection And Backup Features:

It locks your files in secure digital vaults so that only you can operate it privately. If you have a fear of losing your important files, then you can get online backup and use it at any time.

Optimize Your Personal Computers:

It provides a quick clean up feature that helps to improve the performance of your PC.

If you want to install, then use these steps on PC or Mac:

Login in McAfee official website

Click on the link

Click the My Account option at the top of the website

Click Sign In, if you already have McAfee account: type email address and password, then Click Log in.

If you do not have a McAfee account, then click Register Now option, follow the prompts and in last, click on log in.

Select the device in which you want to install McAfee and download it. Focus on the serial number shown. You may be prompted later for this.